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Add Tweets to your micro blog on My Chatbox

7:04 pm in Features by mychatbox

We have enabled a new feature on My Chatbox where you can add a Twitter profile username to a chatbox you have created or that you are an administrator of. Once added, Tweet Fetcher will synchronize all the tweets from the added Twitter user to the chatbox.  Any new Tweets that the user posts on

Add an external blog RSS feed to your micro blog

4:45 pm in Features by mychatbox

You have read correctly.  That’s right folks – you can now add an external blog RSS feed to any of your Chatboxes (micro blogs) on My Chatbox.  Everytime you publish a new blog post, your Chatbox feed will update within 60 minutes and fetch your new content and publish it

Video: How to create a Micro Blog on My Chatbox

7:27 am in Media by mychatbox

In this short tutorial video, we show and explain how easy it is to create your own micro blog (chatbox) on My Chatbox. There are two ways you can create a new micro blog on My Chatbox when you are logged in. Click on the “create a chatbox” button on the Chatboxes directory Click on the