Get started with My Chatbox in 3 steps!

To get started on My Chatbox – Micro Blogging Community and to start micro blogging on your profile or your very own Chatbox is very easy. All you need to do is to follow 3 simple steps that will take you less than 5 minutes to complete and then you are good to go!

1. Setup Your My Chatbox Account

Register on My Chatbox by adding information about yourself to your profile or login with your Facebook or Twitter account. You will receive an activation email that you need to complete before your account will be active if you have registered the normal way. Once activated, login to My Chatbox.

2. Create Your Own Chatbox (Micro Blog)

Once you are logged in, browse to the Chatboxes directory and click on the “create a chatbox” button. Add the title, description and tags to your Chatbox. Choose whether it is a Public Chatbox (anyone can view the content) or a Private Chatbox (members that request and are accepted can view the content). Upload an Avatar graphic for your Chatbox. Sit back and view your very own Chatbox!

3. Micro Blog About Anything

You can now choose whether you want to micro blog directly on your profile or on any of the Chatboxes that you have created that you are “Moderator” of.  You can also edit your profile to include other social profiles you belong to such as your website, blog, Facebook profile, Twitter Profile, etc.  Have fun!