Login with Facebook on My Chatbox

August 13, 2010 in Features by mychatbox

You can now register and login with your Facebook account on My Chatbox . This is a quick way for users to register and login to this Micro Blogging Community that does not want to register via the normal registration page on My Chatbox. Users can still register on My Chatbox if they do not want to register/login with their Facebook account.

Members that are already registered on My Chatbox can also login with their Facebook account if the email address that they have registered with on My Chatbox is the same as the email address connected to their Facebook account.

If the email address is different on Facebook to the one they have used on My Chatbox, a new user account will be created for that user and one account must be deleted. Check your email address!

New members

Members that registered/logged in with their Facebook details can also add profile information to their My Chatbox account so that other My Chatbox members can follow them. Members can add and update their profile image (avatar), personal information, location and links to their blog, website, social network connections, etc.

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