Chatboxes in Plain English

August 30, 2010 in Features by mychatbox

This is not a “how to” blog post but rather a general information post regarding Chatboxes (micro blogs) on My Chatbox and how your company can use My Chatbox to build brand authority and recognition.

Members can create free micro blogs (Chatboxes) on My Chatbox on any topic or niche. When a member creates a new chatbox, they are automatically the administrator of the micro blog.

Other members can join the micro blog and the administrator can then assign “Editors” to the Chatbox.  These editors can control and add content to the chatbox. They can add content and moderate any replies on the micro blog.


If you own a record store, you can create a Chatbox (XYZ Records) and let all your employees contribute to the Chatbox focused on your products or services.  Other members can reply, but only you and your employees (editors) can add top level content to the Chatbox.

This method is a powerful way to get all of your employees involved in your micro blogging campaign (social media) where your company doesn’t neccessarily need one face behind your logo, product or services.

Everyone in your organization can contribute and add value to your micro blogs on My Chatbox.

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My Chatbox is a passive micro blogging community that is easy to use and where anyone can start micro blogging right away. My Chatbox members can create their own dedicated chatboxes around any topic or niche allowing for more conventional in-depth conversations with other My Chatbox members.... read more about mychatbox

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