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January 12, 2011 in Features by mychatbox

We have enabled a new feature on My Chatbox where you can add a Twitter profile username to a chatbox you have created or that you are an administrator of. Once added, Tweet Fetcher will synchronize all the tweets from the added Twitter user to the chatbox.  Any new Tweets that the user posts on Twitter will also be published to their chatbox including a link to their Twitter profile.  Have a look at the chatbox Freedom to see this in action.

This is a great feature where you can post a Tweet on Twitter and it will automatically be synchronized to a chatbox of yours on My Chatbox.  Tweet Fetcher checks every 30 minutes for new tweets and publishes new tweets automatically to the chatboxes.

How to add a Twitter account to a Chatbox

You can add a Twitter profile username to a new chatbox that you create on the last Chatbox create settings screen.  You simply add the the Twitter profile username and it will all be setup.  If you already have a Chatbox, when you edit the chatbox, you will find a new setting on the Chatbox settings where you can add a Twitter username.

Feeding your Tweets

A couple of weeks ago we have enabled a feature where you can add an external blog rss feed to a chatbox of yours.  By adding a blog RSS feed to a chatbox of yours and also adding your Twitter profile username, you are enabling more ways to make your content travel.

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